2023 ITTLA Heifer Futurity


Tulsa Stockyards Inc.
Tulsa, OK


Friday, March 31st, 2023






The Indian Territory Texas Longhorn Association (ITTLA) is very excited to have the opportunity to host our 2023 ITTLA Heifer Futurity in conjunction with the Texoma Spring Classic on Friday March 31st, 2023.  We welcome owners and breeders from all Longhorn associations to participate. All registered and branded Texas Longhorn heifers are eligible to enter regardless of which association they are registered with.   

In addition to ten classes of some of the best heifers in the breed ranging from date of birth July 2020 through August 2022, we will also offer a class for registered and branded Texas Longhorn cows born in 2014 or before 2014.  Also offered is a "Twisty Horn" bonus class open to heifers and cows who are entered in another class in the futurity.  For an additional $50 entry fee, your twisty gals can be included in this class as well.  This class will allow owners to showcase their heifers and cows that have beautiful twisty horns.  We will also have Cow Patty Bingo as well as some auction items. A breakfast will be provided on Saturday morning and awards will be presented at that time.

Awards for Class winners are still in the works, with cash payouts to other placings based on the number of entries in each class.

We are looking for people who would like to help by becoming sponsors. Please see the additional information for sponsorship opportunities and contact Josh Dinwiddie if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 ITTLA Heifer Futurity.

Special Thanks

We want to extend a special thank you to the Texoma Spring Classic Partners - Bob and Pam Loomis, Dale Hunt and Sherrill Caddel, and Mikeal and Brandy Beck for allowing us to have our Futurity in conjunction with their sale. We truly appreciate their assistance and hospitality.

Futurity Location

Tulsa Stockyards Inc. 
161st E AVE (Exit 238)
Tulsa OK 74158



Class 1                July - August 2022
Class 2                May - June 2022
Class 3                March - April 2022
Class 4                January - February 2022
Class 5                November - Dec. 2021
Class 6                September - Oct. 2021
Class 7                June - August 2021
Class 8                March - May 2021
Class 9                Nov. 2020 - Feb. 2021
Class 10              July - October 2020
Class 11              Cows born in 2014 or before
Twisty Horn Class - All ages, must be entered in one of the other classes as well.


The Futurity will be judged by a five judge panel. Each judge will score the entries based on specific criteria that are characteristics of the longhorn breed.  High and low scores will be thrown out.

We are excited to announce that our judges are:

~Randy Murry

~Devin Culpepper

~Josh Gentry

~Suzanne Torkildsen

~John Helm

We are excited also to announce that our announcer will be: 

~Chase Vasut

Schedule of Events:


Futurity Winners

All futurity winners will be allowed to sell in the Texoma Spring Classic on Saturday April 1st, 2023. If you think your animal will win its class and will be entered into the sale, that animal must meet all health certificate requirements listed in the Texoma Spring Classic Consignment Rules.

This includes Brucellosis (Bangs) and Tuberculosis test results listed on their health certificate. Since futurity entries not entered in the sale only require a health certificate with a veterinary visual inspection, please plan accordingly and get this additional testing done when you get your health certificate if you think you will enter a futurity winner in the sale. See the Texoma Spring Classic Consignment Rules for more information on their requirements.

If you choose to enter your futurity winner in the sale, you will not be required to pay the consignment fee, however the commission will apply.

For additional information on the 2023 ITTLA Heifer Futurity please contact:


JOSHUA DINWIDDIE  (580) 812-2436